Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 9

Varna, Bulgaria and the Black Sea


Overnight our cruise ship had sailed further down the Danube to the old town of Silistra in Bulgaria. From here we boarded coaches to drive to Varna on the Black Sea. We passed through miles of agricultural land planted in crops, mostly wheat. At Varna we visited the museum and then walked through the town to a promenade that overlooked the Black Sea - and yes in that light it did look black. We had lunch at Mr Baba's, a "pirate ship" restaurant on the beach - a bit squashed especially when the dancers performed between the tables. There was time to dip a toe into the Black Sea before heading back to our ship. After reboarding, the ship turned around and sailed north, upstream towards the town of Rousse and the real start of our Danube cruise.

Varna and the Black Sea

Early morning moon over the Danube
River craft
The road out of Silistra
"Commie Condos" in Silistra
The road to Varna is not in the best condition
The green tree is actually bottles at the plastic recycling plant
We stopped at this service station for food and bathrooms
Soft toys
Motor oil at NZD20. Vodka at NZD15, Scotch at NZD60. I wonder if they have a drink-drive problem?
Buying the Bruschette chips at the checkout
Entering Varna and the traffic builds up.
The Varna Museum
Jewish Memorial
Our tour guide talking tot he locals
In the pedestrian mall the dolphin is the mascot of Varna. Note the ice cream in the backgound
Glimpse of the Black Sea
Varna Beach
Is is cold?
Unimpressed bystanders.
Our pirate shiip lunch venue
Even Varna has ruined Roman baths
Petrol at LEV2.63 or about NZD 2.40 or €1.35. At about this date petrol in NZ was NZD2.35 per litre.
Traffic jam getting out of Varna.
More of the Black Sea
And finally arriving back on board the Scenic Jade.

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Last updated: 30 May 2023