Cruising the Danube from the Black Sea to the North Sea
April-May 2023: Day 27

Cologne, Germany


We arrived in Cologne early in the morning. Coaches at 0900 took us to the central city for a walking tour around the cathedral area, then free time to look through the cathedral. After lunch the ship sailed for Amsterdam, passing the large Bayer chemical works on the way.

Cologne Germany

Although Cologne is a large city there does not seem to be much to see here apart from the Cathedral, Hohenzollern Bridge and the adjacent small area of shops. (Even the beer is only sold in small glasses, which confounded us in 2015.) The walking tour took us past Cologne Cathedral, down to the Rhine River, beside the Hohenzollern Bridge, through the old town and back to the Cathedral, and even then our guide was struggling to find enough to entertain us. Then we went through the cathedral (again).

Assembling off the coaches
Passing the railway station
Outside the cathedral
On the way to the cathedral
The "black" cathedral
Images from 1945
A new twist on busking.
The walkway to the Rhine River (it is the roof of the Opera House. Staff keep people off the tiles during performances to reduce the noise - Oops!)
Art installation. the rail represents the railway lines to the concentration camps.
The other end of he line.
The tiles on the roof of the concert chamber.
The Rhine and Hohenzollern Bridge, complete with thousands of padlocks.
That's the Scenic Jade further down river.
Riverfront scenes.
Plinth to mark the height of floods.
Apparently these are beloved cartoon characters.
And here they are.
Fairytale - washerwomen who always found her washing completed my morning. The elves did it, but not after someone exposed their work.
The elves busy at work.
The 4711 Shop - of course!... Eau de COLOGNE....
The most attractive part - the food and coffee shop!
What we sampled.
Now on to the cathedral.
Spare finial from the top of the spire
The actual spire.
So this is where all those padlocks on the bridge come from...
Men's haircut - €39 or about $70 NZD.
More "Stumbling Stones" in memory of Jews departed.
On our way north from Cologne.
Bayer chemical factory
Ship loading facility

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Last updated: 30 June 2023