Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 8

Osoyoos to Vancouver


We left Osoyoos early as we had a long day ahead. The motel advertised "the best breakfasts in Osoyoos" so we were into the restaurant soon after opening but there were already people ahead of us tucking into this great feast. The whole breakfast deal was a sad parody on what the most important meal of the day once was. Paper plates, plastic cutlery, a few bowls of tired canned fruit, plastic cereals that only the North Americans can produce (and eat!) reheated waffles, sugar syrup and a brown sludge that did not even smell of coffee. And the locals were hoeing into it as if they had not eaten for a week.

We departed, driving through the town to look for a cash machine to replenish our Canadian money. Found the banks but the ATMs were all safely tucked up inside awaiting the opening of the bank. Nothing had changed since our last time in Canada over 21 years ago. So we drove northwest into the mountains, heading for Vancouver Airport (YVR).

Osoyoos to Vancouver

The flat plains of Montana contrast with the mountains of British Columbia. Soon we were driving along deeply glaciated valleys with mountain ranges towering above us, all capped with snow. West of Osoyoos is another major fruit and grape growing region.

Looking over Osoyoos Lake from Highway 97.
Acres of fruit trees.
Heading into the mountains
Cherries, garlic and windshields ??!!
Ambrosia (apples) 20lb for $10
Found these locals munching on the roadside.
The Hope Slide was a large landslide in 1965
Looking up the rockslide.
Memorial to thoes killed by the slide, also to the crews of two aircraft that crashed here in 1965 and 1966.

Vancouver Airport to City

Despite the tangle of roads we found our way to Vancouver airport and returned the rental car. A short walk took us to the train station, where the ticket machines were rater confusing, especially to non-English speakers. Soon were were heading over the Fraser River and could see the centre of Vancouver ahead.

Waiting for the train at the airport
Crossing the Fraser River
Vancouver skyline ahead
Sunlight reflecting off buildings late in the day.

Much to our surprise, cousin Ron and Janine from Canberra were also in Vancouver, so we met them at the "steam clock".

The "Steam Clock" It whistles on the hour!
It might have been cheaper to have met our cousins in Canberra, but Vancouver was a nice surprise!

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