Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 7

Missoula, Montana to Osoyoos, British Columbia


Another day on the road going north. We took the I-90 north passing Coeur d'Alene and Spokane before branching off onto Highway 2 and crossing the Columbia River again at the Grand Coulee Dam. We stopped at a viewpoint high above the river at Seatons Grove for a picnic lunch then continued north on Highway 155 through Omak and Oroville to the Canadian Border. Leaving the United States is very easy in comparison to attempting to enter and we were soon in the town of Osoyoos for an overnight stay.

Interstate 90 Northbound

The country north of Missoula is flat to gentling rolling and mosly in pasture and grain crops. But beyond Spokane we approached the valley of the Columbia River and we dropped down a number of old escarpments. We reached the Grand Coulee Dam, drove around Electric City, crossed the Columbia below the dam and then climbed again onto the plateau beyond the river. The town of Omak was the centre of fruit growing and soon we met signs telling us we were approaching the Canadian Border. There was even a helpful sign giving the waiting time. Given our experience of US Border crossing a week earlier, I thought the 15 minutes was wildly optimistic, but it proved correct.

The I-90 north of Missoula
Harvesters marching across the country like a line of triffids.
Grain silos are a common sight.
Dropping into the Columbia River valley
The Grand Coulee Dam
The dam and power station.
Crossing the Columbia River below the dam
The Columbia River valley from our picnic stop above Seatons Grove
Omak is the centre of fruit growing.
An interesting collection of dead whiteware - does he horde it?
Border wait time: 15 minutes - yeah right!
Bunkers at the border
Back in Canada
The lake at Osoyoos.

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