Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 22

Across the border to Greece


After breakfast we collected our bags and headed for the coach, parked at the back of he hotel. Soon we were heading for the ferry (again), across to Eceabat and then north to the main highway that runs towards Greece. We dropped our lovely tour guide - Daria - at the bus station and headed for the border as she is not allowed to enter Greece whilst working as a guide. We met our new, Greek, guide the following morning. The border crossing was not straightforward. We had to wait to exit Turkey. Then we had to wait to enter Greece. Then we had to have our bus searched. I wondered what they were focussing on (drugs? electronics? gold? or worse?), but no, it was for boxes of cigarettes. Maybe they had more important things to search for? But after an hour we were in Greece and speeding west towards Thessaloniki, our stop for the night.

Must be getting close to the border
The Turkish side of the border
This river is the border between Turkey and Greece
Halfway across the flags change
Greece was most worried about cigarette smuggling
The roads are better in Greece
And the speed limit is higher..
Plenty of olive trees
And lots of these small shrines- we eventually worked out that each one marks a fatal car crash
Good agricultural land for cattle.
grain crops
And solar panels ??
The broom grows faster than the speed limit!
On the outskirts of Thessaloniki
Apparently the trains do not run to the timetable....
Zumba dancing... Mad? Absolutely!
Or just a flop!

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