Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 13

Turkey - Cappadocia


After three flights and two nights in airport hotels we arrived in Capadoccia in Turkey. In hindsight we should have taken the Turkish Airlines flight direct from Vancouver to Istanbul, but we had not previuosly experienced the Turkish Airlines service and so trusted British Airways.

I had long wanted to visit Cappadocia to see the eroded ignimbrite formations and the ancient civilisations that had lived in the area. I searched around on the Internet and found frequent references to a small tour company based in Urgup that specialised in tours of Cappadocia and other parts of Turkey - Euphrates Tours. They offered a five day tour of Cappadocia plus Ephesus and Pamukkale. That was exactly what I was looking for so I contacted the compnay. Their response was immediate. They would provide all transport to/from Istanbul airport, hotels, food, driver and guide. I signed up and sent them the money. They booked the flights for us and sent the booked reference numbers. I checked them online and sure enough they were genuine. This small group tour (we were the only people on it) was one of the best I have experienced. The guides were excellent, well educated and spoke very good English. Later in the tour we visited their office in Urgup and met the lovely Filiz who had looked after our bookings.

The Fairy Chimneys at Devrent Valley

We were met at Kayseri Airport by guide and driver for the hour drive to the first location. Walked among the fairy chimneys. The weather was coolish and threatening to rain - later it did, lightly.

Our first stop at the Fairy Chimnies.
"The Camel"
There were not many tourists for this time of year..
In fact it was almost deserted.
Light rain had arrived.
Time for a drink...
Orange or ?? freshly squeezed by hand.
Just right for the weather.

Lunch and magic carpets

Ceramics are a feature of the region, as is wine. The ancient Hittite wine flask in this circular shape is everywhere. It is designed to be carried over the shoulder and poured with a rotatomg motion. This wine sellar was part of the restaurant where we had lunch. The wine waiter had been working there fo a long time...

Silk rugs

After lunch we visited a rug and carpet factory where they made traditional hand knotted rugs. We wre shown the knotting process and then how they prepare the silk threads. Of course they were also very keen for us to buy a rug and showed us many large ones. We eventually chose a small silk rug that we have had framed and hung on the wall.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Hotel room in a cave

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