Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 10

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park


As we had most of this day free before a late plane to London, we took the early shuttle bus from outside the hotel to the Capilano Suspension Bridge park. This proved to be an interesting location, despite some people's fears of the high suspension bridge. We returned to the hotel, uplifted our bags and took the train back out to Vancouver airport. We were booked on a British Airways flight direct to Heathrow, and although I knew it would be an Airbus A380 I did not realise it would be the inaugural flight.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge

This bridge was built originally to enable people to reach the land and timber on the far side of the saw-tooth canyon, but is soon became a popular tourist destination, which continues today.

First glimpse of the bridge.
More totem poles
Remember to hold on tight...
Its a long way down
The full extent of the bridge
Who said I was scared...?
Plenty of straight pines.
Local owl entertaining the children
More people on the bridge now.
I'm still not scared...
The suspended track above the river is built into the cliff...

Vancouver Airport and the arrival of the British Airways A380

We arrived at the airport early, but the celebrations for the arrival of the new A380 service to Heathrow had already begun. We were treated to glasses of bubbles and a wide range of food.

Views from the airport as we waited for the new A380 to arrive.
Friends of mine?
Plenty of party food and we were early too!
The A380 making its first arrival at Vancouver.

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