Britain 09 - Day 39


We headed back to the Tower of London early today to beat the crowds. Then we took the Underground to visit Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park before a wander through Harrods. The train took us to Leicester Square and the cheap theatre ticket booth (tkts), then back to the hotel for a rest. The area around Leicester Square was being prepared for the world premier of the Michael Jackson swansong, so we did not linger.

Tower of London

We arrived at the Tower just after 9.30am, intending to beat the crowds. I don't think Margaret believed me about crowds at the Tower as there was no queue for the tickets or the entry gate. We decided to visit the Crown Jewels first and there was no wait for that either. In fact we took our time, and went around the moving walkway passing the jewels several times. But when we exited the building, the queue for the Jewels was out the door across the courtyard and around the side of the White Tower. Then my story of the crowds was believed. We visited the White Tower, walked around some of the wall and finally sought coffee in the cafe. It was nearly midday when we left, and there were crowds bulding up in the area adjacenty to the Thames. At 1200 we found the reason - a 21 gun salute.

Here we are at the Tower
Where are the crowds?
The two of us
Gun One....
and two, 19 to go

Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park

The Underground took us to St James Park Station. After a short stroll we were at the gates of Buckingham Palace, but unlike my last Visit, the Queen did not come out to wave to me. So we walked up Constitution Hill to Hyde Park Corner and viewed the Australian and New Zealand War Memorials. We crossed into the Park and walked to the Teahouse beside the Serpentine for lunch. The squirrels in the Park provided plenty of amusement.

At the gates of Buckingham Palace
Walking up Constitution Hill to Hyde Park
A cute squirrel demanding food

Piccadilly Circus and a Show

The sun was out and the afternoon become hot and sunny. We kept in the shade as we wandered into Knightsbridge. An hour wandering through Harrods satisfied our curiosity for that place so we dived into the Knightsbridge Underground and came up at Leicester Square. The tkts office had some good seats for "Avenue Q" so we bought those then headed back to the hotel. That night we went off to the Gielgud Theatre and were thoroughly amused by the show.

Outside the Gielgud Theatre, waiting for Avenue Q

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