The Family of Mary Stenner

Mary Stenner

   John STENNER====v====Ann?   David TAME====v====Elizabeth
                   |                         |
                   |                         |
            William STENNER=====v=====Elizabeth TAME
                   -1871       1823         -1889      
 William   John  Elizabeth    Martha     Mary        Kate
1821-   1826-    1828-      1830-      1836-1863  1844-
                                      John Laybank
                     John William  Benjamin James  Frederick Laybank
                      1857-1938        1859-1926        1862-1863 
                           |               |                -

John Laybank BENTON married Mary STENNER in 1856 in Melbourne. Here is the story of Mary's earlier life.

Mary's parents were William STENNER and Elizabeth TAME. They were married at the church of St Mary Newington, Surrey on 10 August 1823:

1823 marriage

They had six children:

William STENNER 1821
John STENNER 1826
Elizabeth STENNER 1828
Martha STENNER 1830
Mary STENNER 17 Sept 1836
Kate STENNER 1844

Mary was baptised at St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, Surrey on 30 June 1837. The record shows them living at James Street, Lambeth. Although James St has disappeared, the church of St John appears to be opposite the main entrance to Waterloo Railway Station:

1837 baptism

In the 1841 census, the Stenner family were living in Regent St, Westminster. Today Regency St runs north from Vauxhall Bridge Road a short distance from the Thames River. William was a carpenter:

1841 census

The family are not in the 1851 census. By this date they had departed for Australia, arriving in Melbourne in August 1848 onboard the Cornwall. The family consisted of William (47) and Elizabeth (44), with children John (21), Elizabeth (20), Martha (17), Mary (12) and Kate (4):

1848 shipping

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