The Family of Benjamin Benton the Grocer

Benjamin James Benton - Photographer

John Laybank                 Mary        George                   Ann 
  BENTON=========v=========STENNER      MORRISON=========v=======JONES
1826-1913      m:1856     1836-1863       1826         m:1862      
                 |                                       | 
           Benjamin James==============v============Isobel May
             1859-1926               m:1886          1880-1940

Benjamin James BENTON was born 2 December 1859 in Richmond, Victoria.

Marriage to Isabel May MORRISON

Benjamin John married Isabel May MORRISON in 1908 in MacLean, NSW. Isabel had been born in MacLean in 1880 to George MORRISON and Ann (nee JONES). He was aged 49 and she only 28. They did not have any children.

Benjamin died 24 November 1926 at Kensington, NSW, of a heart attack. He was 66 years old:

1926 death

Isabel died 6 April 1940 at St. Peters, NSW, from asphyxia, according to the Coroner. Her brother Benjamin was the informant at both deaths:

1940 death

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