Scotland 2017 - Day 19

Back on dry land. Inverness to Aberdeen via Keith


We spent a quiet night in the Caley marina. We were up early so that we could be clear of the boat before 0830 and onto the road east. We followed the A96 east with a diversion to the coastal harbour of Findhorn. From there to the market town of Keith, a family name although it appears doubtful that the ancestor Daniel Keith was born there or even born in Scotland. We drove out to Peterhead and then around the coast to the Bridge of Don, just north of Aberdeen. The weather was mostly overcast, grey and with showers.


Findhorn is a small harbour and rivermouth facing the North Sea. It would appear to have some value as a seaside resort in summer - certainly when we visited the grey day was only suitable for waking dogs. The beach area did display somebody's imagination with real estate...

Cute bathing sheds...
all in a line.
They are for sale!
I like this one.
The beach was steep and composed of granite pebbles.
But offshore must have been sandy - these are razor clams.

Keith and the coast around Peterhead

.We stopped briefly in Keith as this has the name of a family ancestor. As it turns out, that ancestor, Daniel KEITH, was probably not even born in Scotland and worse, the town acquired its present name of Keith relatively recently. We stopped at a small cafe near the bus terminal for a coffee and scone - the scone with jam was light and tasty but the coffee was horrible. We continued on our road trip in the rain until we reached our hotel at the Bridge of Don, just north of Aberdeen.

Only the Scots would have a Whisky line..
Maybe we have a Keith relative in here somewhere.....
Keith church.
The Boat 'N Barn cafe where we had indifferent coffee.
Driving down the main street of Keith.
We turned east and onto country roads.
There were many round haybales still in the fields.
The A98 descending into Banff. The tower in the distance is known as the Temple of Venus.
Houses along the shoreline in Banff.
That's a small fishing boat...
Looking across Banff Bay,
Cross the bridge and you are in MacDuff.
A like-minded local.
Some larger fishing boats in port.
A break in the clouds as we headed south along the coast.


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