Polar Bear Hunt 2015 - Day 22

Stockholm to Copenhagen

The high speed train from Stockholm to Copenhagen departed at 8.13am. We passed through rolling fields of grain and other crops and even saw a few cows. On arrival in Copenhagen we walked the few blocks to the hotel, found we were too early for our room, so walked down to the harbour to find the Stomma Boats tour of the canals.

The train to Copenhagen

We had booked a pair of window seats on the train to Copenhagen and they came with breakfast! The food was a picnic box of assorted ingredients including yoghurt, fruit, a bread roll, a tomato and slices of cheese, a hardboiled egg, a wholegrain cracker and a tube of something that could have been mayonnaise. The woman sitting next to us tried to explain the contents of the tube but her English was limited. She got as far as "fishy" and "only Swedes like it". At that we left it alone...

Approaching Stockholm railway station.
Crowding to get on our train.
The engine.
Boxed breakfast - not bad but the tube of "fishy stuff" we did not touch.
We passed many fields of grain.
An example of a local station - Alverta.
Bombardier - they make aeroplanes.
Apartments like a box of pastel crayons.
And in to Copenhagen. The scruffy station seemed to typify the place.

Copenhagen by tourist boat

All of the major capital cities we visited in Scandanavia are built around water, and each has boat tours so you ca see the city from the water. Some specialise in canals and some highlight all the bridges. Copenhagen has the "Grand Tour". We deposited our luggage at the hotel - The First Hotel Mayfair - and walked the few blocks to the waterfront to find the tours. Soon we were on one of the broad, flat-topped boats winding our way along canals and the harbour, passing buildings of many differenet architectural styles including the old naval base.

The Town Hall.
The museum with an interesting colonade.
Scandinavians all like bronze statues of men on horses.
The tourist boat- but why so flat?.
The new opera house.
Part of the old Naval base now turned into apartments.
More of the old base - these were motor torpedo boat sheds.
Modern architecture - I doubt that the architect was paid a large fee for this complex design.
Lots of tall masts on this ship...
The Wind Surf" from Nassau
Part of the Royal Palace.
Why the crowds here on the waterfront?
The Little Mermaid - of course.
The Naval Base.
This one is a bit more imaginative.
Experimentium - old wharehouses with a new purpose....
Somewhere to sit around, eat and talk. What's experimental about that?
Clock Museum?
Fountains near the Royal Palace.
An unusual church spire - and yes you can walk up the outside spiral.
One of the smaller apartments apparently..
Duck - for the tunnel.
There are a lot of eateries along the water's edge.
The new.
And the old jumbled together..
Heading back into the canals near the end of the trip.
That's why the boats are so flat and low....
End of the trip.
More eating places.
Art? Perhaps, but is covering up the mess created by the new underground train system being built here.
Tivoli Gardens - that's tomorrow's adventure.
Back to the Town Hall - nice flower gardens.
Bit of a jumble of colours.
Actually there is order to the planting. And as we admired the plan, a couple came up to us and asked if we knew the name of a particular flower. Of course we could tell them - and then discovered they were fair dinkum Aussies, born in New Zealand. Small world.
Clock tower on the town hall.
Don't know who he was.
But we do recognise this one.
Hans Christian Andersen of course.
And back to the hotel. Our room was now ready.

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