Polar Bear Hunt 2015 - Day 10

Expedition Day 5: Whale searching and the Bamsebu whaling station

What was planned
What actually happened

Over night we had travelled south out of the Sound, rounded the south coast of Spitzbergen and were now headed north in the Greenland Sea, well west of land. We followed the edge of the continental shelf in the hope of sighting whales. This was regarded as their favourite hunting grounds, where the shelf dropped off into deep water. It was also a chance for everybody to have rest and catch up on all the small activities that had been put aside while we watched the bears and the ice pass by. We did spy whales, but they kept their distance. After lunch we headed towards land and dropped anchor in a quiet fjord near an old whaling station. Later we continued our journey north, with the weather remaining fine so that we had good views of the midnight sun.


Bamsebu was the site of an old whaling station, where many Beluga whales were rendered down for their oil. Their bleached bones remain on the beach as a memorial.


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