Perth August & December 2018 - Day 23

The Indian-Pacific Train: Kalgoorlie to the Middle of Nowhere (Cook) and the Nullabor Plain


After returning to the train at Kalgoorlie we found our cabin made up into bunk beds. A nightcap and we were soon testing out the beds. The beds were good but our cabin was at the and of the carriage, over the wheels so was rather bumpy at times. The section of track east of Kalgoorlie was particularly bad, making for a bumpy night. The next morning the train stopped at remote Rawlinna for breakfast. Not much there now but it was a chance to alight, stretch your legs and haev some good breakfast. Part of the rationale for stopping at Rawlinna is to see the dawn and the sun rise over the Nullabor Plain - our original booking in August was perfectly timed for this event but by early December the sun was long risen and the temperature was climbing fast. After long hours of travel across the flat, treeless Nullabor Plain we arrived in the middle of nowhere - also known as Cook. This was once a railway town but has been abandoned. The sun was relentless and the air temperature was around 40C. Back on the train we headed east to Adelaide.

Train: Day 2 - Rawlinna

Rawlinna in August would have been an ideal stop to watch the dawn sunrise, but by December the sun was well overhead. Breakfast was served at the station - bacon and egg burgers, fresh fruit and coffee.

They had a Post Office - here?
Our ever-helpful staff making sure we did not get lost.
Breakfast beside the train
Accompanied by live music
Time to get back on board
The remainder of Rawlinna
Then off into the Nullabor
We are 1238km from somewhere (turns out it was Adelaide)
What's that monument...
The state boundary - passing from WA to SA

Cook - Middle of Nowhere

We stopped at Cook so you could claim to have been in the Middle of Nowhere,a dn to have visited a ghost town, although there were quite a few real people living here.

Cook - was it named after capt Cook, the camp cook, or what happens it you stand in the sun for too long?
Almost halfway - 1523km to Perth, 1984km to Sydney
Look for Trains - what train?
Being photographed with the engine
The carryon cars are still with us.
Bumpy track to the east...
and west.
Distance? Speed limit? (We were doing 120kph at the time)
A V sign?
17 October 1917 - when the east and west rails joined up.
A tree - must be the edge of the Nullabor Plain.

The Nullabor rolled on; we eventually came to its eastern edge when the track curved towards the south, we saw distant hills and a few trees. Then it was night and time for another great dinner. This night the track was much better maintained and we had a smooth night's sleep. The next morning we were in Adelaide.

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