Perth August & December 2018 - Day 11

Perth: Kings Park & Botanic Gardens


Sunday in Perth. A lot of Perth appeared to be shut so as it was a nice fine day we decided to walk up to Kings Gardens. The gardens are on the high ground to the south-west of the central area of Perth. On most days of the year there are free buses that will take you up to the gardens but as luck would have it, the day we chose was the day of the central Perth marathon so all of the roads were closed - and so were the buses for the morning. By early afternoon the buses were running again and one of these took us back to the hotel.

From St George's Terrace we climbed Mount St, aptly named, looked down on Jacob's Ladder and then walked along Bellevue Terrace, both also aptly named. This took us to the Bali Bombing Memorial. From there we continued on to the State War Memorial and the Eternal Flame. By that time we needed refreshments at the Botanical Cafe before heading into the botanc gardens and all of the wildflowers. We passed the floral clock (at the exact time we were married 40 years earlier) and then followed the trail along the cliff top and then the Federation treetop walkway. We ecended to the Water Garden, walked back past the Pioneer Woman's Fountain and then looked for the bus to take us to our hotel.

Perth skyline
Swan River looking towards Freemantle
Part of the Bali Bombing Memorial
Western Australia War Memorial
The Eternal Flame
The gardens had many examples of wildflowers
Walking over the treetop bridge
Looking down onto the old Swan Beer Brewery
Queen Victoria looking over the gardens

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