Orkney & Shetland 2019 2019 - Day 6

Highland Animal Park, Kingussie

Close to Newtonmore and Kingussie in the Highlands is the Highland Animal Park. It is a walk through, drive through zoo. Its drawcard is the family of polar bears including a young one born at the park and named "Hamish". First we drove around, then walked to see Hamish and his antics. Later we drove on to Fort William for the night.

First, we have a video of Hamish at play...

It runs for 1:34 mins.

Hamish - the Polar Bear Cub

First we met a flock of these...
Then some oystercatchers a long way from the sea.
Cape Barren geese...
A crow.
And deer,
And donkeys.
And cars...
Bison were beside the road
Further along we met the Arctic fox..
Signs leading to the polar bears.
What you looking at??
And finally Mrs Bear
with junior - Hamish
There's a bucket in here somewhere.
Mother off for lunch.
Meanwhile Hamish went swimming.
back flips.
And chasing that bucket.
What's this?
A length of plastic pipe.
Mrs Bear had had enough.
But the visitors kept watching.
Further along there was the tiger.
And monkeys.
The native cat.
Turkmenian Markhors
And this is what he was eating.

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Last updated: 30/05/2019