Orkney & Shetland 2019 - Day 4

High Peak and Lunch at Chequers Inn


Much to our surprise the day dawned fine and sunny. After breakfast we decided to drive into the countryside through the Peak district, perhaps to Eyam, then lunch in a country pub. Getting out of Sheffield however proved a problem, even on a Sunday morning, and we found the correct road by accident. We were surprised how many others had the same idea and the roads through the Peak District were crowded. All available parking areas were full with walkers and bikers.

We missed the turn to Eyam but continued on to Calver. A short distance up the A625 and we found Froggatt Wood so we walked through the area in the sun. We were pleased to find lots of bluebells and other Spring flowers. After the walk we were hungry so went back to the Chequers Inn for lunch. Being Sunday they had roasts on the menu so we chose beef and pork and settled down with a beer and wine.

We headed back to Sheffield with the idea of visiting Meadowhall shopping mall, but once again the tangle of roads and poor signs led us astray. This time we did a complete circle and ended up going out of Sheffield on the same road we came in on. So we resorted to the GPS and finally found our way to Meadowhall.


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Last updated: 28/05/2019