The Goodliffe Family of Nottingham

The Story of My Life - The original, handwritten version of the Memoirs of Arnold Goodliffe

Page 31

upon my mind that I resolved by God’s help I never would get drunk. I am thankful to have been enabled to keep my resolution. I have been nearly 56 years an abstainer.
Thomas, my eldest brother born 1795 was a very active intelligent youth, very useful in business, and very devoted to his mother. On account of my father’s feebleness, he very early in life took the chief management of the farm and by his energy and judgement he was successful in his business transactions. In 1816 he had been very laboriously working on the farm land, when he had finished it and the spring sowing he felt a rest was necessary. He decided to take a holiday at Kings Lynn at an Aunt’s, a sister of our Mother’s who had married a Mr. Marshall, one of the


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