The Goodliffe Family of Nottingham

The Story of My Life - The original, handwritten version of the Memoirs of Arnold Goodliffe

Page 125

and beauty of the seaweed, the pleasant drives, pretty glens, bays, and ports, go to make it a favourite resort. The last visit we made may be most interesting. We left home Sep 2nd 1884 accompanied by our own daughter and grand-daughter Froggatt, went by Liverpool, we spent the afternoon at Pickering’s [my son], and was pleased with his nice well-furnished house, his garden and greenhouse. We spent the evening in the pleasant park, a ride down to the Docks, and over to Birkenhead, and next morning off by steamer at One to Douglas; went forward to Port Erin same evening, stayed at the Marina Hotel for the night, took lodgings at Henry Claques, Rowany Terrace, the highest point on the beach had 1 upstairs sitting room, and two


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