The Goodliffe Family of Nottingham

The Story of My Life - The original, handwritten version of the Memoirs of Arnold Goodliffe

Page 114

excursion we very much enjoyed was with Mr. Thos. Cook when we went with him on one of his first trips to Wales, to Menai Bridge and Bangor. It was the year when the Tubular Grand Railway Bridge was being built. We walked over both, to our great enjoyment. But we had such sharp appetites, we enjoyed the sweet Welsh mutton quite as much as the quaint Welsh Inn “The Anglesea”. As in most cases that our first visit excited and delighted our organ of wonder and our delight was very great. It was a treat to us both. Another excursion we went with Cooks, Thomas Cook being our conductor was to Ireland about a year after the famine.We were struck with the grandeur of some parts of Dublin, the grand buildings, and fine streets Satcherville etc. The Post Office and other public buildings are very handsome. Pat the carman declared that it was entirely the finest street in Europe, there was not one in London could touch it.


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