Darwin to Adelaide by The Ghan September 2019 - Day 6



After our flight from Sydney to Darwin we picked up the rental car and drove into town, found the hotel and settled in. That gave us time to explore the town before heading east to explore Kakadu. We walked around the town, took the tourist bus around the town to see the sights and drove out to the Darwin Military Museum.

Darwin Town

Darwin has a chequered history, having been flattened and rebuilt three times - twice by cyclones and once by Japanese bombers. It still has an air of impermanence, as if expecting to destroyed again, which is probably true. The harbour is its major asset, with new developments including wharves, retail and dining as well as a park and swimming pool (nobody swims in the ocean - too many crocodiles).

The sign says it all.
Hard to photograph - John Sturt, explorer
Water feature in the middle of town
A rarity - an old building
And another...
The church was spared also.
All that was left of HMAS Darwin
The old town hall, left as a reminder
Government House from the colonial era.
Wide verandahs to keep the sun and rain off.
Christ Church Cathedral after being rebuilt
Plaques on the church entrance
Inside the church,
The rebuilt government offices, referred to as the "wedding cake" on account it it looking like decorated icing.
Fragipani trees abounded.
Rainbow steps to the Sky Bridge
Shy Bridge to access the harbour shopping and swimming pool area.
View from the Sky Bridge over the port.
The swimming pool has waves.
The park was populated by birds, picknicing on the grass
..and from the sky.
Old and new architecture.
Marina as part of a new development.
Entrance to the Museum and Art Gallery
Bowling Club...
Bowls usually has a strick dress code, but barefeet??
Looking back to Darwin from the port.
MNAS Arunta in port.
Darwin skyline from Military Museum on East Point.
Monument to plane flight on the foreshore at Ross Smith Memorial Park
Lights on the trees in central Darwin.

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