Elizabeth Froggatt 1838-1910)

Elizabeth was the oldest child of James FROGGATT and Mercy COLDWELL (or COWGILL). Her life story is told here.

Gen 6              James                       Mercy Ann
                 1815-1862        m:1837      1815-1881
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     father                     1838-1910       1863                            1828-1889                                        1852        1835-1863
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                 m:1901  m:1893 m:1895          m:1906
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                LOCKWOOD   PRICE ESPLEY            JOHNSON
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Elizabeth FROGGATT

Elizabeth was born in 1838, the event being recorded at Dewsbury Union under the surname FROGETT, June Quarter (Volume 22 page 77). According to the 1851 census, Elizabeth was born in Briestfield, Yorkshire in about 1838, but the 1861 census has her birth in about 1839 at Thornhill. Both localities are close together and near the locality of Dimpledale, where her parents James and Mercy were living in 1841. She was baptised in the parish church at Thornhill on 17 June 1838.

Baptism record for Elizabeth at Thornhill

The church at Thornhill where Elizabeth was baptised (See original photo here)

She was living with her parents in the 1841 and 1851 censuses and with her mother Mercy in 1861 together with her four year old son Fred. Fred was born on 23 September 1856 at RoseHill, Rawmarsh, the same address as her parents. Elizabeth was aged 18 and unmarried when she had Fred. The birth record also shows she could not write her name, signing the register with an "X".

Elizabeth married John White on 20 September 1863, at St Peter's Church Sheffield, the event being recorded at Sheffield (GRO number 9c/363). John was a blacksmith, a widower 12 years older than Elizabeth. Neither Elizabeth nor John could write their names. John married Elizabeth a few months after the death of his first wife in 1863. Their marriage was registered at Sheffield rather than Rotherham. Perhaps someone in the family disapproved. They were both living at Eyre St, Sheffield at the time of the marriage.

Some notes on John WHITE
John was born in Wath upon Deane in 1828 and was baptised in the local church.

1828 baptism record for John WHITE. His parents were Luke and Anna.

John was a blacksmith. He had 5 children from his first marriage to Mary Ann STABLES whom he married in December Quarter 1852, registered at Rotherham 9c/592. The 5 children were:

Name Year of Birth
Luke 1855
Rosa 1857
Herbert 1858
Ernest 1861
Horace 1863

John and Mary Ann are in the 1861 census at Town Street, New Hill, Brampton Bierlow, Yorkshire, which is close to Rawmarsh and Rotherham.

1861 census record for John WHITE and Mary Ann (STABLES)

Death of Mary Ann in 1863: John and Mary Ann had one more child after the census, Horace in 1863. Mary Ann died soon after he was born.

John and Elizabeth are in the 1871 census: living at NewHill near Rotherham, and John is still a blacksmith. They have 3 of John's sons living with them and their own son Albert Ernest WHITE.

John and Elizabeth went on to have four children:

Name Year of Birth
Albert Edward 1866
Ada 1872
Eva 1874
Harry 1876

1881 census: John and Elizabeth are at NewHill with his son Ernest and their four children.

1881 census for John and Elizabeth

Death of John WHITE: John died prior to the 1891 census as Elizabeth is now shown as Widow and was living with her brother Robert. There are four possible death records for a John WHITE registered at Rotherham in the 1881-1891 period, but only one has the correct age of 62 (1889 March quarter 9c/411). The Yorkshire Burial Transcriptions show a John White was buried at Brampton Bierlow on 6 August 1889, which is where John and Elizabeth were living at the time of the 1881 census, but the GRO index confirms this person was aged only 47 at death. Intriguingly, there is a probate record for this John WHITE, also a blacksmith, also late of Rotherham, leaving an estate of £1 to his spinster daughter Mary. This is not the correct person as the husband of Elizabeth was not a widower (Elizabeth being in the 1891 census) and he did not have a daughter Mary. So we can conclude that the John White buried at Wath upon Dearne is the correct person.

Burial for a John White on 24 March 1889 at Wath upon Dearne. This is the most likely burial given the age and date.

1891 census with Elizabeth living with her brother Robert

Elizabeth married Joseph PARKS in 1893 (Rotherham 9c/986). She was 55 and he was 49. They were living at Doncaster Road, Wath on Deane in 1901:

Elizabeth in the 1901 census, now married to Joseph PARKES

Death of Elizabeth in 1910: Elizabeth died in 1910 (March quarter Rotherham 9c/423) aged 72.

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Generation 8: The children of Elizabeth FROGGATT/WHITE


Fred FROGGATT first appears in the 1861 census, recorded as the Grandson of James and Mary FROGGATT. But who was Fred? Assuming the Grandson relationship is correct, which sibling did he belong to? He could not belong to William as he had died aged 12 and George would have been aged 17 at the birth of Fred. This leaves Elizabeth, aged 18, and the birth certificate confirms Elizabeth was the mother. A father's name was not entered. Fred was born 23 September 1856 at RoseHill, Rawmarsh near Rotherham.

Fred appears in the 1861 census living with Elizabeth and his grandparents James and Mercy, and is recorded as their "grandson":

By 1871 he is still with Mercy, but is now her "son". He is aged 14 and an "apprentice to stove and grate", presumably an ironworker:

Death of Fred FROGGATT: What happened to Fred after the 1871 census is difficult to determine. To confuse the issue, there were three Fred Froggatts (just Fred, not Frederick) born near Rotherham in 1856-1857 and there is nothing in the subsequent records to clearly distinguish between them - registered Sep 1856, Mar 1857 and Sep 1857. The GRO birth index tells us that the parents were Elizabeth Froggatt, Joseph and Mary (HAGUE/HAIGH) and William and Hannah (HICKS) respectively. We have two deaths (1860 and 1880) and a marriage in 1877 to Elizabeth Ann SHAW. So which Freds died and which married? By comparing the census and other records we know Fred (Sep 1856) was alive in 1871 so one of the other Freds died in 1860, leaving two possible husbands for Elizabeth Shaw. Fred (Mar 1857) and his family for several generations before all lived in Greasbrough. It was this Fred who married Elizabeth SHAW and continued to live in Greasbrough for a while, going on to have 12 children. Fred (Sep 1857) died in Dec 1860. But what happened to our Fred (Sep 1856)? He is not in the 1881 or subsequent records. Did he emigrate? There is a death for a Fred FROGGATT aged 24 registered Wortley (Mar 1880 9c/163). Could this be him? I found another record that confirms this death. Our Fred was admitted to the Middlewood Hospital/Asylum Sheffield on 27 January 1879 suffering from epileptic fits. He died there 13 months later on 4 February 1880.

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Albert Edward WHITE

Albert WHITE was born in 1866 at New Hill, Brampton Bierlow, near Rotherham and baptised at the church of Wath upon Dearne on 7 October 1866. He is in the 1881 census with parents John and Elizabeth. In 1881 he was aged 14 and an apprentice clogger and shoemaker. He is not obvious in the 1891 census but in 1901 he was a "visitor" with his future in-laws, Hophni & Eliza LOCKWOOD.

1901 census for Albert WHITE, visiting his future in-laws at Newhill, Wath on Dearne.

1901 census for Albert WHITE, visiting his future in-laws at Newhill, Wath on Dearne.

Albert married Christiana LOCKWOOD soon after the 1901 census (taken on 3 April 1901). They had five children, three of whom had died by the time of the 1911 census.

Name Year of Birth Year of Death
John Edward Sep 1902
Eva 29 March 1904
Joseph 13 August 1906 March 1909
Eliza 4 November 1908
Harry Sep 1910 Sep 1910

In the 1911 census, Albert and Christiana were living at 6 Foljambe St, Parkgate, Rotherham with their three children. In the 1939 Register, they lare listed living with their daughter Eliza and her husband Jospeh STEEPLES and their three children.

1911 census for Albert and Christiana WHITE.

1939 register for Albert and Christiana WHITE.

Christiana died in 1940 (Sep 1940 Rotherham 9c/1135) and Albert Edward died a few years later in 1948 (Sep 1948 Rotherham 2c/486).

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Ada WHITE (1872)

Ada waw born in early 1872 at Wath upon Dearne, but she was not baptised until over a year later on 28 December 1873 at Wath. She is listed in the 1881 census with her parents John White (blacksmith) and Elizabeth at Newhill, Rotherham. By 1891 she was working as a servant for John Hughes, paper merchant at 241 Great Cheetham St East, Salford, Manchester. (Today this address is an empty site.)

Baptism in 1873 for Ada WHITE at Wath upon Dearne, although she was born in early 1872.

1891 census for Ada WHITE at Salford, Manchester.

Marriage to John William PRICE: Ada married John William PRICE in 1893 (Rotherham 9c/871). By 1901 they were living in Manchester. John had been born in Crewe, Cheshire in 1864. Ada and John had 6 children, but two had died by the time of the 1911 census. There are six births in the GRO index for Price, mother's name WHITE. Two of these births are for a Harry, and both Harrys died in infancy. Ada's brother was named Harry, and she had a nephew of that name (he died in infancy also). The first Harry was born shortly after John and Ada married:

Name Year of Birth Year of Death
Harry Sep 1893 Manchester 8d/301 Sep 1894 Manchester 8d/174
John William Dec 1895 Manchester 8d/294
Elizabeth Annie Mar 1897 Manchester 8d/306 March 1909
Albert Edward Jun 1898 Manchester 8d/304
Joseph Ernest Dec 1899 Manchester 8d/277
Harry Dec 1903 Manchester 8d/289 Dec 1906 Manchester 8d/196

1901 census for Ada and John PRICE at 68 Rowbotham St, Manchester.

1911 census for Ada and John PRICE at 87 Attleborough Rd, Moston, Manchester.

Ada died in 1928 the death registered at Manchester North June quarter 8d/501.

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Eva WHITE (1874)

Eva WHITE was born to John WHITE and Elizabeth (nee FROGGATT) in late 1874. She was baptised together with her younger brother on 31 December 1873 at Wath upon Dearne. Eva is in the 1881 census with John and Elizabeth and in the 1891 census with her mother, living with her uncle Robert FROGGATT.

Eva married John ESPLEY a miner at Wath upon Dearne on 4 June 1895 by Banns.

1876 baptism for Eva WHITE at Wath upon Dearne.

1895 Banns for the marriage between Eva WHITE and John ESPLEY at Wath upon Dearne.

1895 marriage for Eva WHITE and John ESPLEY at Wath upon Dearne.

Census records: In 1901 they were living at No. 4 Cross Keys Inn, on Doncaster Rd, Wath upon Dearne and had young Ada, Annie and Joseph with them. In 1911 they had moved a few doors along Doncaster Rd and now had young son Thomas with them

1901 census for Eva and John ESPLEY at Cross Keys Inn, Wath upon Dearne.

Cross Keys Inn, Wath upon Dearne.

1911 census for Eva and John ESPLEY at 62 Doncaster Rd, Wath upon Dearne.

62 Doncaster Rd, Wath upon Dearne (brown door on right.

1939 Register for Eva and John ESPLEY at 62 Doncaster Rd, Wath upon Dearne. (The birth dates appear to be transposed.)

46 Doncaster Rd, Wath upon Dearne (blue door in centre).

Eva died in 1941 June quarter registered at Rother Valley 9c/1294. John ESPLEY died three years later in September quarter 1944, registered at Rotherham 9c/535.

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Harry WHITE (1876)

Harry WHITE was born to John WHITE and Elizabeth (nee FROGGATT) on 19 April 1876 (according to his school admission form). He was baptised together with her older sister on 31 December 1873 at Wath upon Dearne. Harry is in the 1881 census with John and Elizabeth and in the 1891 census with his mother, living with his uncle Robert FROGGATT. In the 1901 census, Harry was living with his mother, now Elizabeth Parkes at Doncaster Rd, Wath upon Deane.

1876 baptism for Harry WHITE at Wath upon Dearne.

1881 census.

1891 census.

1901 census.

Harry married Annie JOHNSON, the girl across the road at 13 Doncaster Rd (He lived at no.12) at Wath upon Dearne on 20 June 1906.

1906 marriage for Harry WHITE and Annie JOHNSON at Wath upon Dearne.

By the time of the 1911 census, Harry and Annie were living at 37 Avenue Rd, where they lived for the rest of their lives (28 years for Harry and 39 years for Annie). In 1911 they had been married 4 years but did not yet have children.

1939 Register for Harry and Annie WHITE at Wath upon Dearne.

It would appear that Harry and Annie had five children including a set of twins.

Name Year of Birth Year of Death
Ethel Louisa Jun 1911 Rotherham 9c/828
Dora Mar 1913 Rotherham 9c/1626
Nora Mar 1913 Rotherham 9c/1626
Clarence Edward Sep 1914 Rotherham 9c/1690
Douglas Jun 1916 Rotherham 9c/1573

By the time of the 1939 Register Harry and Annie were living alone at 37 Avenue Rd, Wath upon Dearne. Harry died at this address in 1939 and Annie in 1955. Both were buried at the Church at Wath upon Dearne.

1939 Register for Harry and Annie WHITE at Wath upon Dearne.

1939 burial for Harry WHITE at Wath upon Dearne.

1955 burial for Annie WHITE at Wath upon Dearne.

37 Avenue Rd Wath upon Dearne (door to left of dark entranceway), home for Harry and Annie for over 30 years.

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