Europe 14 - Day 33


This was the last day of our Globus Tour. We had breakfast early and assembled at the cable car by 8am, our baggaeg already on its way down the hill to the ferry. We had time for a last look around then the ferry headed towards Sorrento. Our coach was waiting or us there and after he bags had been loaded we drove through Sorrento to visit Cuomo's Lucky Shop where they specialised in music boxes (and yes, we bought one). Then we headed along the Amalfi Coast, high about the blue Mediterranean Sea to Positano, the town crammed into a valley above a small beach. Then we returned to Sorrento and headed for Rome and the end of our tour.

Departing Capri

Waiting at the piazzetta was a good time to reflect on Capri and some of the little things we had seen. The place is well signposted with colouful ceramic signs. Many shops sold Limoncello, the national lemon-based apperitif, although it came in many oter flavours in Capri. There were shops full of quirky ceramics. We had wondered how vehicles and drivers managed on the narrow winding roads, but you did not have to look far to find out - many of them were dented! And finally, the streets in most of Capri are too narrow and steep for motor vehicles so the locals use battery-powered trollies to carry everything.

Ceramic signs are everywhere.
So are bottles of Limoncello - we went home and made our own....
Ceramic cats...
And teapots.
The piazetta in the early morning.
The jumble of buildings that is Capri.
How to carry crates...
Bags of linen...
Bags of cement...
More crates...
And chairs..!
We will remember the view up to Anacapri and Villa San Michele.
And the harbour full of boats.
Then we boarded the ferry and sped off towards Sorrento.
Leaving Capri behind.
Soon we arrived at Sorrento.
Waved goodbye to the ferry...
And visited Cuomo's Lucky Shop.

The Amalfi Coast

From Sorrento, we boarded a smaller coach for the narrow winding road around he malfi Coast to Positano. It is an amazing drive and I can see why so many people want to visit it. And why large tour coaches are banned from the road.

Much of the road hugs the cliff - or overhangs it!.
Fruit stalls were very popular along the road.
Eventually we reached the heights above Positano.
The town is nestled into the only valley on the coast.
It is a tight jumble of buildings and hotels...
That form the backdrop to a small beach.
The road down is narrow...
And full of people.
We parked the bus and walked down towards the beach.
I hope these two were expecting more guests - they look a bit lonely on such a long table.
There is the beach at last.
And that is where we have come from.
Yep, its wet and salty.
Souvenir shops are the same everywhere.
Hats for €10.
Time to climb back up again.
Back on the coach we had to push through the crowds.
This couple look very surprised to see a vehicle on the road.
A final look back at the buildings perched on the hillside.
Then back around the coast...
Towards Sorrento.
A reminder that Vesuvius is looking over the Bay of Naples and will erupt again some day.
That's the smallest island in the Mediterranean out there.
And a Famous Beach!
Finally we reached Rome and said goodbye to our Globus coach..

Was it worth it?

After you have spent 10 days on a busy coach holiday, people often ask you "Did you enjoy it?" And "Was it worth it?" And "Would you do it again?"

Well of course we enjoyed it. We had chosen this tour so we could visit all the places on the itinerary without having to organise each one for ourselves. Yes, we could have done it and travelled as FITS - free independent travellers - but we would have missed out on the local guides, the local knowledge and best of all the subtle wit and expertise of Aldo our tour guide.

Was it worth it? Hard to answer. We could have visited all of the places, travelling by train and bus, at less cost. But Globus had negotiated good hotel rates, we had the comfort of a good coach, local guides and other services.

Would we do it again? Of course not - we have done it once, are very happy with the tour and we will spend our time (and money) going somewhere else. Would we do a Globus Tour again? Absolutely, but maybe you shoud try one just to be sure.

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Last updated: 11/11/2014