Europe 14 - Day 30


We left Venice early, drove in the bus to the ferry pier and onto a large car ferry for the trip back to the Tronchetto and then over the long bridge back to mainland Italy. We headed south on a long drive to the town and Abbey of Assisi. After finding the hotel we went on a guided walk through the town. At least that was the plan, but partway through the town the sky darkened and it poured with rain. We sheltered in the porch of a building for some time before we were able to continue, but by then it was nearly dark.

Lido to Assisi

To get from the Lido back to the mainland we were able to drive the bus onto a car ferry that took us back past Piazza San Marco and to the ferry pier near the bridge. We then headed south, stopping at an Autogrill for morning coffee and another one for lunch. This day was a Sunday, a good day to travel as Italian law bans all large trucks from the roads. Apparently Italian drivers are so bad that when everybody took to the roads for their Sunday drives, truck and car carnage resulted.

The vehicle ferry.
Our bus on the ferry.
Heading back past Piazza San Marco.
Doge's Palace.
The piazza.
Last glimpse of Venice.
More large cruise ships.
Trucks stopped at Autogrill during the Sunday driving ban.
Driving south from Venice.
More solar farming.
Our coach at the Autogrill where we had lunch.
Passing through the mountains.
Approaching the town of Assisi on the hill.
The Abbey of Assisi.
Our coach along with many others.
Looking up to our hotel.
Our room with the open shutters at the back of the hotel.
The large square in front of the Abbey.
The town higher up on the hill.
The portico.
Entrance to the Abbey.


The town of Assisi

After a rest at the hotel we joined a local tour guide for a walking tour of Assisi, finishing at the Abbey of St Francis of Assisi. At least that is what the tour programme said. Soon after our start, in warm late afternoon sun, the sky darkened and the town became very dark. We hurried on, but the rain caught up with us and it poured down. We took shelter in the entrance of a local building (the Art Gallery I think it was). Eventually people decided to run back to the hotel in the rain, but at that moment the rain eased off and we were able to walk to the Abbey. But the light had faded, we were damp and cold so we only spent a few minutes there.

Queueing up for the small cable car to reach the heights of Assisi.
At the top we walked through one of the gates in the old wall.
Our tour guide was an enthusiast!
Typical street in Assisi.
Looking across the olive trees to the Abbey.
And down to the plain below.
Walking along the side of the Basilica of Saint Clare.
Flying butresses.
Castle on the top of the hill.
The piazza in front of Santa Clare.
The rose window of the Basilica.
The front of the Basilica.
The features of the town are well signposted.
Walking further along the streets.
Now going down the narrow street.
The sky is getting very dark.
Plenty of trinket shops but no time to look.
The rain is nearly here.
Definitely raining out there.
Wet people hoping to hear when the rain would stop.
Our tour guide was not too happy with the rain either.
It eventually stopped and we could scurry home to the hotel.


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