Europe 14 - Day 14

A day in San Marino

One of the reasons why we chose to stay at Rimini was its proximity to San Marino, the oldest principality in the world. There is a regular bus that runs from the Rimini Railway Station to San Marino, just for tourists. As we were not towing large suitcases, We walked to the station along the tree-lined streets and under the railway line. The bus was obvious with a large crowd of people. An old lady sat under a sun umbrella selling tickets and maps. The driver turned up and 70 people tried to crowd onto a 55 seat bus. The driver kept telling the later arrivals that there would be another bus right behind him - and there was. But still they tried to get on. As is often the case, the second bus did not have to stop as often as our bus and so arrived at San Marino before we did.

The bus climbed up the steep road towards San Marino and eventually arrived at the bus park. We headed off up the steep street, passing all the souvenir and "tax-free" alcohol and jewellery shops. We reached the main piazza with the Town Hall and decided to stop here for a coffee and bite to eat. Then further upwards to the Castle and towers at the top. After that it was all downhill, back to the bus stop and back to Rimini.

San Marino

The tree-lined streets of Rimini.
Even early in the morning it was getting hot.
You could understand why they had the trees - the shade was welcome.
The Plane trees are shaped to cover the path.
We reached the subway under the railway line. The ramp in the middle is for bikes and prams.
Up the other side we reached the station where crowds waited. This person might have been waiting here for a while..?
The sign on the subway requred decyphering - Books, hotels, flowers, San Marino on the top.
At San Marino, view inland from the bus stop.
We walk up the path, along the walls of the old city.
More of the view.
One of the buildings in the Pianello or Town Square (Piazza della Libertà). The restaurant at street level was inviting.
So coffee and pizzas were ordered.
Across the Pianella is the Town Hall.
With the Statue of Liberty by Stefano Galletti.
Donated by Octilia Wagener in 1876.
The Pianella was a favourite photo stop, but I am not sure how she climbed the streets in those heels.....
Typical building in San Marino.
And typical shop full of bottles.
Higher up the view is north-east towards the Adriatic.
And down onto Italy below.
We climbed higher and so did the mad bicyclists.
Now we could look across the tiled roofs.
Or down onto the main section of San Marino.
Or east to the coast.
The highest point is one of the castles.
The castle is the highest point in San Marino.
Castle dates from 1253.
I climbed into the castle while someone else sought the shade.
Now inside the courtyard of the castle.
View the other way.
Good view across Italy also.
The main tower..
Looking along the old wall and fortifications from a room in the wall.
And out one of the gun ports over San Marino below.
The old fortified wall and castle.
The rolling hills with villages on the ridges.
Roundabouts have arrived in San Marino.
One of the roads winding its way up the valley.
Detail of the gun and arrow ports on the wall.
Looking up at the tower showing how the top is wider to stop peple scaling the wall with ladders.
One of the old light cannon.
Stairway inside the tower.
The timber beams under the roof.
The window in the top of the tower with shutters.
Looking down on San Marino.
And on part of the wall and old town.
The lookout at the top of the tower.
More of the wall.
Back to the entrance to the tower and courtyard.
It was all downhill from here.
Stand aside. Chattering children coming through!
Example of the architecture and the tourist signs.
The flag of San Marino.
Our last look at San Marino.
Back to the Bus Stop. Next bus was 1415 - 5 minutes to wait.


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