Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 5

Portland, Washington to Orofino, Idaho


Today was a roadtrip day, to head east from Portland, along the valley of the Columbia River, then in a large north-east arc to reach the town of Orofino on the Clearwater River. The scenery changed from broad river valley, to hills and eventually mountains covered in forest.

The old Historic Columbia Highway running beside the I-84.
Multnomah Falls
The Multnomah Falls Lodge and Falls behind
Views of the Columbia River
Back on the I-84
The Dalles Bridge and shipping lock.
At about this point we left the valley of the Columbia River and headed north and then east.
The terrain became more rugged with forest and the river valleys narrow.
Eventually we reached the Coldwater River
Orofino is just around the bend.
We have booked a river-side room at the hotel.
It certainly was close to the river.

That evening we met my cousin Margaret and husband Maurice at the restaurant of the hotel.

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