Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 38

Wales - Anglesey, Llandudno and on to Liverpool


From Caernafon we drove north and crossed the Menai Strait on the Brittania Briege and continued on to Anglesey. From there we crossed over to Holy Island, through Holyhead and on to the remote point at South Stack. This is a favourite place to watch the seabirds, especially the guillimots as they fly back to their nests on the sheer cliffs.

We drove back across Anglesey, crossed the Menai Strait on the other bridge and headed for the to the seaside resort of Llandudno. It was crowded, as expected, so we continued on and drove round the Great Orme Head. My Great-great-grandfather wrote about visiting this place, and seeing huge flocks of seabirds over the Headland. After driving around the headland, paying the £2 toll for the priviledge, we continued on towards Liverpool. We were suprised by the long line of vehicles, queued up waiting to get into Llandudno. The town was already crowded, so I cannot imagine where they were all going. We escaped the crowds and drove through North Wales and under the Mersey to Liverpool

South Stack on Holy Island

Walking down towards the lighthouse
The lighthouse on South Stack
Guillimots lined up on the sheer cliffs
Birds resting in the water
The lighthouse building.

Llandudno and the Great Orme Head

Despite the crowds in Llandudno, the road around the headland was almost deserted.
Looking back to the pier at Llandudno
Shaun? No, and not shorn either...
A side road heads up the hill to St Tudno's Church
The cemetery must have one of the best views in the world
The name suggests they are Welsh....
And this one confirms it!
Obelisk for the lost in the South African War 1900-01-02
Back to the main road round the Head
Around the last bend and back to Llandudno
Driving back to Llandudno
Char-a-banc that takes punters around the Great Orme Head
Driving along South Parade on the seafront
St George's Hotel

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