Crete Pilgrimage 2016 - Day 2

Seattle - Pike Place and the Space Needle


It was hard to believe that we had just flown across the Pacific from Auckland to Vancouver and passed through Canadian Immigration without any problems or hassle. We had picked up the rental car and headed south on the Freeway (later to become Interstate 90). Then we ran into US Immigration. At the booth, the official looked at our passports. He tapped on the computer. yes, I had an A2 visa. Yes we had valid ETSA pre-entry clearance. No, he did not wish to do the administration. Park over there and go inside. Over an hour later we had our entry permits, paid the $20 or so processing fee and were allowed by the grace of US Immigration to enter the US of A. Yippee!!

My first practice of driving on the wrong side of the road - and all at 90 MPH! Easy. A couple of hours later we arrived in Seattle, took the exit off the I-5 and a minute later we were parked outside cousin Cathy's townhouse. Cheap Mexican for dinner and an early night.

Pike Place Markets

The next morning was Saturday and after some discussion over coffee and breakfast we decided that Pike Place markets would be our first place to visit. I had heard about the fish markets andt he way they throw the fish around...

The main entrance to Pike Place Market.
Pike Place is famous for its fish markets
Mountains of fresh fish
in all sorts of displays
as well as fish-related goods, such as cookbooks.
There were a lot of people looking at the fish.
But along the hall the fruit and vegetable sellers also know how to lay out their goods.
"Pleeza no Squeeza" with the avocado!!
Pike Place looks out over the harbour.
And the I-5.
That's the place behind the Parking sign.

The Space Needle

Seattle is famous for its Space Needle, a 184m (605 foot) tower in central Seattle. It was built in 1962 for the World Fair. It has no useful function other than as a tourist attraction and viewing platform.

You buy your ticket (local residents get a discount)
and the elevator takes you to the top
in 41 seconds.
Around the base are various artworks in glass.
And bronze.
More glass.
Joining the queue for the elevator ride.
Central Seattle.
Forms of transport - ferry and ferris wheel...
Float plane..
And duckmobile


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