Britain 2011 - Day 8


We had thought we might get a nice quiet Saturday morning in Stow. Leisurely English breakfast, cup of coffee and then amble down the street to look in the shops. No such luck. It was the annual Market Day and Fair. At 9am there was the incessant sound of drums beating out a march time as a rag-tag of Loyalist Soldiers carrying muskets, swords and pikes came up the road past the B&B. So after a time we followed them to see what it was all about. As with most events British, nothing really happens until later in the day, but at least we did not have to fight through the crowds that descended later. A look at the stalls, a few small purchases (including one ocarina) and we decided to head back to Upper Slaughter for a walk in the sun. We arrived back at Stow late in the day, just in time to see the two armies march past again after their mock battles on the village sportsground. They actually looked in better marching order going home than when they arrived 8 hours earlier. Funny what a war can do.....

Annual Fair at Stow-on-the-Wold

We managed to avoid the big crowds and still saw the stalls and costumes.

Elements of the Loyalist Army arrive in Stow...
to the amusement of the butcher
The market square
The top of the market cross, dated 1646.
and the plaque on the base..
Not all was black and white
The army trying to form up....
but deciding against it.
More pike men arrive.
and head off (to the pub?)
Minstrels began to play....
and everyone else was in a costume.
Then we found the Medieval music stall...
where they had mandolins, recorders. and Ocarinas.
Later in the day they all marched home again.
But this time they had managed to get into formation. First the muskets.
Then the pikes.
then the drums..
and more drums
then the opposition muskets....
and the pikes...
and finally the flag..

Upper Slaughter

While the Civil War was being replayed at Stow, we went for a walk in the sunshine at Upper Slaughter. The guide books are quick to point out that the name is derived from the old English word Slohtre meaning a muddy place. We found a car park under a large tree and walked through the village to the mill and back again. By the time of our return, car parks were at a premium.

Heading to The Slaughters
The start of the trail beside the stream.
Through the village...
Past rows of Bath stone cottages
all looking pretty in the sunshine
across a clapper bridge
and more cottages.
This owner at least has a sense of humour.
Bledisloe Cup - do they play rugby here too? (The real Bledisloe Cup is the annual rugby contest between New Zealand and Australia.).
The waterwheel on the old mill.
The mill, now a museum and tourist shop.
The mill courtyard.
Escaping with only a few packages..
Then back along the canal.
Past the church...
and the stream.

Then we drove through a few more villages, had a nice lunch and look in some shops and eventually returned to Stow. Dinner that night was at the White Hart hotel.

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