Britain 2011 - Day 6


We were now back in London. This gave us one day to take our time and visit a few of the places we had not seen on previous visits. First on the list was St Pauls Cathedral. It had been wrapped in scaffolding on our previous visit, but now it was resplendent in its restored form. We wandered around inside and then I climbed the many sets of stairs up into the dome, finished at the top level where you get a wonderful view around London. We then headed into the basement area and had lunch in the nice cafe - even if rather pricey.

From St Pauls we headed back to the British Museum. You probably need to allow a week just to see all that the museum has to offer, but on this visit I was interested mostly in the Rosetta Stone. Then it was an early return to the hotel, a drink and dinner before tomorrow when we would head west in a rental car.

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Last updated: 19/06/2017