Britain 2011 - Day 15


From Stoke-on-Trent we planned another long drive north to reach Scotland. The town of Paisley, just south of Glasgow has some family connection so we decided to stop there for the night. The town has suffered from the loss of employment. In earlier years it was the centre of the cotton industry in the region, being run by the Coats family of thread and cotton fame. It was also the home of weavers who specialised in shawls and scarves in the "Paisley" pattern. Today that has long gone and the town is a rather depressing place. But in the middle is a surprisingly respectable B&B - Ashtree House - featuring a large ash tree. Evening dining was another issue, but we eventually found an excellent Italian restaurant nearby (Cardosis Restaurant). On our way we stopped at a service centre on the M74 and had the croissants and bacon that had been "left over" from our buffet breakfast at Taybarns.


We arrived in Paisley mid-afternoon. The weather was fine and warm and after photographing some of the old buildings where distant family had onced lived we walked to the large Abbey in the city centre.

Ashtree Hotel.....
is a large Georgian house
Paisley Town Hall with the Coates Memorial Church behind
typical stone buildings.
Part of the river
The town was obviously prosperous once
The Memorials to Sir Peter and Thomas Coats
have classical Greek figures
on the base
around the sides
but for a family that made a fortune from cotton...
they did not waste much of it on the figures.
The family story on the plinths for Thomas
and Sir Peter
Paisley Abbey
the cloisters
The inside view
The organ
and the stained glass
the ceiling
The Barachan Cross
Back to reality - Broomlands where distant family once lived.
More of Broomlands
Also in Broomlands is the Martyr's Church
.from where some of the early New Zealand immigrants departed.

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