Britain 09 - Day 36


After a fine day visiting Bath and Stonehenge, the weather turned murky overnight. After breakfast at the hotel in Salisbury, we headed off for Portsmouth in low cloud and patchy rain. This weather continued all day and made our visit to the Old Dockyard rather unpleasant. But we saw all the important parts of Portsmouth, and found the Premier Inn hotel just out of the city. Luckily I had booked some time earlier, as the next day was the annual marathon around the Portsmouth docks, with 10,000 people expected, and all hotels fully booked.

The Old Dock at Portsmouth

Despite the rather poor weather we headed into Portsmouth and found the car park close to the Old Dock. It was a short walk to the Dockyard where we kept inside looking over the excellent displays on the Mary Rose. After a coffee we headed to view Nelson's "Victory", dodging the rain by staying below decks. After lunch we took the sightseeing launch around the port, and then walked through the shopping mall under the Spinnaker Tower. But the only photos I have are of three bedraggled people beside the "Victory".

Bedraggled visitors outside Nelson's "Victory" at Portsmouth

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Last updated: 16/06/2017