Two Weeks in Egypt - October 2012

Day Six: Alexandria

Saturday was an early start as we headed back to El Alamein for the International Ceremony. We again drove for miles past the awful resort developments that blight the coast all the way from Alexandria to El Alamein, a total distance of 114km. Many of these resorts were pure speculation, remaining as empty shells until the market demands yet more accommodation. Some of the resorts even had a few people around, but most had a closed up look.

The Road from Alexandria to El Alamein

From Alexandria we passed through the industrial area of oil and gas and salt. Then it was the endless ribbon of coastal resorts.

One of many freeway extensions that are now growing weeds - unfinished and decaying
Produce off to market
Egypt has little oil and gas - this is one of the rare facilities
More of the oil facility
Clean water - a rare commodity.
Further west and the first of the salt ponds.
Another salt pond.
And finally some salt!.
Light industry....
and a foray into modern architecture.
The road to Alexandria is an advertising nightmare.
An attempt to grow olives.
The oldest section of coastal resorts.
The tall beehives are actually pigeon roosts.
The first of many pretentious entrances to beach resorts.
One of many resort complexes.
Another entrance....
another resort.
Valencia.... hints of Spain, how quaint:
subtle American influences can also be detected!
Another complex,
this one with water.
Mile after mile of new buildings,
Ready for thousands of holidaymakers, but...
most not finished...
or even close to being useful.
Most are just shells
but some have completed buildings.
This one is about to be swallowed by the sand.
More water.
Advertising for more investment in useless resort complexes.
Getting close to Al Elamein and a small harbour,
with another resort by the coast.
Looking inland at Alamein might seem featureless,
but it is a better view than the coast.
A shopping mall - at last!
And finally a resort for sale - a buyers market I think.
Then we turned off the main road to the cemetery.
The Australian memorial is typically a bit pretentious....
One of the display boards at the entrance.
The crowds gather for the International Service,
and we sought the shelter of the trees.

El Alamein International Ceremony

The International Ceremony was a large and grand affair, with representatives from all the countries involved in the El Alamein battles. The ceremony was organised this year by the British - it was their turn - but in true diplomatic fashion they invited all countries to attend, noting that each country would be listed in the programme and would be invited to lay wreaths in alphabetical order according to the ENGLISH spelling of their names. (You might realise that Allemagne would otherwise be ahead of Australia in the list.......)

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